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Accolades. Accomplishments. Features.


Accolades. Accomplishments. Features.


Creative Quarterly, Vol. 5 | No. 3

The Language of Graphic Design: An Illustrated Handbook for Understanding Fundamental Design Principles,
by Richard Poulin

Exposed: 2008 School of Visual Arts Senior Library

International Davey Awards [Winner]

HOW Magazine, Self-Promotion Annual, October 2011

The Best of Cover Design: Books, Magazines, Catalogs,
and More
, by Altitude Associates

Applied Arts, 2009 Design & Advertising Awards,
Vol. 24 | No. 6

Society for Experiential Design [SEGD], Vassar College
Society for Experiential Design [SEGD],
ABC News Headquarters
Society for Experiential Design [SEGD], Centra at Metropark
Society for Experiential Design [SEGD],
Prudential Headquarters
Society for Experiential Design [SEGD], Vassar College, Sources in Science


Interior Design Best of Year 2016, Finalist
[Branding & Graphic Design], Vassar College,
Sources in Science

Communication Arts, Design Annual 50, November/December 2009

Form & Letterform: Interventions
[School of Visual Arts, Exhibition, January 2012]

Asia-Pacific Design No. 6, by Sandu Publishing Co.

HOW Magazine, Business Annual, December 2009

Graphis, Branding 6

HOW Magazine, International Design Annual,
March/April 2010 [Editorial Merit Winner]

Print Magazine, Regional Design Annual 2010

GDUSA Magazine, May/June 2014

Communication Arts [digital], Vassar College,
Sources in Science

Communication Arts [digital], MSG Media
Communication Arts [digital], Exposed: 2008 SVA
Senior Library




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